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Fanned instruments are now called “V-Scale”

Marleaux Bassguitars V-Scale

All instruments from Marleaux Bassguitars that have fanned frets in the fretboard now come under the “V-Scale” label. The background: An American manufacturer, who pioneered the concept of the multiscale or fanfret fret arrangement on modern electric guitars, has had the relevant terms legally protected. Unfortunately, these names can no longer be used by other companies – at least not without the risk of a warning.

At Marleaux Bassguitars, all multiscale instruments are now operating under the new name “V-Scale”. The brothers Rainer and Meik Dobbratz have had this logo protected by the German company LeFay – and are kindly making it available to all European colleagues Thank you very much for this collegial gesture, dear Rainer and Meik!

Multiscale instruments are by no means an invention of our time. There are early references to corresponding musical instruments from the 16th century. The first patent was registered to E.A. Edgren around 1900. Ralph Novak of Novax Guitars introduced the first modern solid body fanned fretboard electric guitar in 1988. In the meantime, the concept has long been established and most manufacturers have instruments of this type in their range.