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Marleaux Bassguitars presents SPOCK

Marleaux BassGuitars SPOCK
Marleaux BassGuitars SPOCK

We are breaking new ground in several aspects with our stunning new bass model, SPOCK! The most prominent feature of the Marleaux SPOCK is the archtop body of the electric bass, which is 100% made in Germany and consists of a “Marleaux Logic Mesh” top. This material is unique in bass building and has never been used before. The light-transparent top is incredibly strong and sounds sensational!

The Marleaux SPOCK is new, innovative, and unique - another step forward for Marleaux Bass Guitars in the future of modern electric bass building!

Dieses Projekt wird vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz (BMWK) aufgrund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen Bundestages gefördert

In cooperation with the Technical University of Clausthal-Zellerfeld and funded by the German Ministry of Economics, a new material for instrument building has been developed. The “Marleaux Logic Mesh” top allows for a wide range of optical preferences to be realized by customers. It’s not just the appearance that makes this unusual concept appealing, but also the extraordinarily lightweight design, which makes the SPOCK a winner.

Marleaux BassGuitars SPOCK

The Marleaux SPOCK combines a 32-inch scale (medium scale) with an incredible 28 frets. Two coils are hidden in the sustainable wooden pickup housing, with the possibility for parallel, serial, and single coil connections via a mini-switch. The onboard electronics feature a 3-band EQ and passive tone blend, which can also be used exclusively in passive mode.

The Marleaux SPOCK now features an innovative bridge design made in-house: a floating string holder made of a wood-stainless steel laminate, which can be ordered in different versions thanks to “Regio Tone Wood”. “Regio Tone Wood” is harvested by Marleaux in a climate-neutral way from certified Lower Saxony woods, thus combining noteworthy top quality with an eco-conscious approach.