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We build handcrafted electric basses of the finest quality.

Years of experience and continual quest for perfection drive the development of our instruments. We are constantly refining and tweaking our processes for  building our various bass models. We heavily incorporate feedback, requests and ideas from our customers, who are bass pros from all over the world.

Attention - Marleaux fake emails 

Some dealers received a fake email from H.Zani@marleaux-bass.com with the following content (see below). This email address does not exist! Please do not open an attachment and please forward the email directly to socialnetwork(at)marleaux-bass.com! We will take legal action! Thank you for your help!!!

Kindly get back to me the status of your Current  Due/ Invoice Payment, for reconciliation purposes with total amount and And due dates as there has been a new development here in our company.

Thank you in anticipation for your reply.

Regards, Hunt Zani
Account Manager
Marleaux BassGuitars

Our instruments at a glance!

Marleaux BassGuitars Accessories

Tonwerk - Marleaux Bass Preamp

Tonwerk - Marleaux Bass Preamp

Our "Tonwerk" is a 4-band high-end bass preamp in pedal form and can also be used as a practice amp. 

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Marleaux Bass-Strings

Marleaux BassGuitars - Bassstrings, Strings

Our brilliant stainless steel bass strings come in a classy,
environmentally friendly paper package.

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Comfort Strapp

Marleaux Bassguitars - Comfort Strapp

Elastic, neopren lined and woven strap.

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Marleaux professional bass guitar cable

Marleaux Professional Bass Guitar Kabel

The perfect connection between your bass and amp!

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Marleaux Gigbags

Marleaux BassGuitars - Gigbag

Marleaux Gigbag, first class soft lining.
Extremely durable due to the plastic framing ...

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