Guitar & Bass Review Henning Protzmann Signature Bass

Our “Henning Protzmann Signature” Consat 5-String Bass is extensively tested in the German magazine “Guitar & Bass” (issue 5/2023). We are happy about the really great review!!!


What an instrument! The Marleaux Consat Signature 5 Henning Protzmann fills his supporting role with effortless, unexcited authority in the band sound. “Perfect” is a word that appears more frequently in this text, and I stand by it. Wood selection and processing, varnishing, fretwork: everything is done to perfection. This has its price, which in my opinion is absolutely appropriate for this quality, the resulting fun is priceless anyway. And thanks to RTW, the bass is also ecologically “clean”. Once again, I can only salute the craftsmanship of Gerald Marleaux.

The magazine can be ordered as a PDF or print edition here:
Gitarre & Bass